pamela lovato



The mood and emotional intensity of Doberman rescue, for the rescued dogs and the rescuers alike, is well caught in these pages.  If you only read one book about dogs this year, this is the book to read.”

                                                                   - Chuck Vaile, Doberman Rescue of Colorado



“This book is spot-on; seamlessly blending the horrors of puppy mills with heartwarming and heartbreaking episodes in her own life and apropos observations from other writers. As a dog rescuer for several decades, I not only identified with many of the emotional peaks and valleys she describes, but I learned a few new things. A well-researched, interesting, and enjoyable read.”

                                                                  - Ardis Braun, Director, Doberman Pinscher Rescue, Fillmore, California



More enjoyable than anything I’ve read in a long time. Incredibly touching. This book is like reliving the life of a rescuer: starvation, vWD, ACL tears, bone cancer, those sleep-overs the night before the Rainbow Bridge. I finished the book on a Saturday night surrounded by Dobes I love—all the dogs someone threw away; the tears were streaming down my face. Many facts about Dobermans—these dogs aren’t for everyone and this book makes that clear. The book conveys the importance of rescue and compassion.”

                                                                 - Jennifer Vander Vorst, Doberman Rescue Alliance of Wisconsin, Inc.



Nothing Ventured is a story about love, love of family and dogs. It is also about the loss of both. It is about the sickening results of puppy mills and the poor dogs who are born there and the conditions they endure. I was afraid to read this book thinking I would cry and I do not like to cry when I read my books. I cried a little, but smiled a whole lot more. The author has so much love for her family and it carries over to the dogs she takes into her home and loves unconditionally. I also thought it would be all about dobermans, and never having one I wasn't sure I could relate to this. It isn't a doberman story. It is a story of love that only dog lovers can understand. Well worth the read.

                                                                                                 - Amazon user review



“A poignant tale of a family steeped in tragedy; survival that hinges on loving a bevy of needy rescue dogs. This story brings home not only the plight of abused and neglected dogs, but of rescuers and their heartfelt desire to place these animals into permanent, loving homes, and the disappointment suffered when a placement fails.”

                                                                 - Francine Case, Last Hope Doberman Rescue-Texas



“Nothing Ventured is the story about the emotional journey of Tripper, a young Doberman who lost his master, and Pamela, a mother who lost her son. Tripper and Pamela must find a way to live together after tragedy has torn their worlds asunder. The relationship isn’t easy or quick. A story about the triumph of love from the worst of circumstances.”

                                                                  - Neil Benson, Ph.D.


I met you at the Castle View High School Craft Show and bought your book "Nothing Ventured".  Thank you for writing it.  What a joy it was to read and feel your storey.  I am telling everyone about this book!  I LOVE it!

                                                                 - Carolyn S., Castle Rock CO


Required Reading For All Animal Lovers.

This book wasn't always the easiest to read.  Some of the realities of puppy mills are almost impossible to imagine for anyone who cares about dogs.  The author's life is filled with some great challenges that are heartbreaking to read about.  But anyone who cares about puppies and dogs and the joys they bring to our lives should read this.  It will educate on some (not nearly all) of the horrors experienced by helpless animals and give you the resources to do two things:  1) educate your friends and family on the problems of buying (as opposed to rescuing) that cute little pure bred and 2) fight the continued existence of some of the worst puppy mills that could be closed tomorrow with the right public outcry.


This is a good story that provides a great education in a short read.  I strongly recommend it.

                                                               - San Diego Susan