pamela lovato

Thoughts about Nothing Ventured

Iím not an expert on grief or rescue dogs, but a few things I know.

Grief: personal, endless, and no one but the Lord has the patience or time to listen as often as we need to cry on that painful journey.

Dogs: ignorance is not illegal, and countless animals are helpless victims with only our voices to speak for them. No one should own an animal (dog, cat, horse, gerbil) if they canít afford to feed it, give it appropriate veterinary care, and provide a secure environment with loving companionship, same as children. But many people have children and donít care for them, so why are we surprised when animals donít fare so well?

We live in a world with many worthy causes. By the time we earn a living and take care of the necessities of life, there is limited time for leisure and volunteer activities. Those who love dogs and want to see the end to puppy mills, backyard breeders, abuse, and indifference must put aside small disparities and work together. Loving owners, humane societies, rescue groups, and reputable breeders have a common mission: protecting dogsóit doesnít matter the breed or group striving to help. We can unite and make a difference or divide and fall short.

There is a pale purple lead glass dish sitting in my 1810 mahogany china cabinet. The dish was carried from England by my great-great-great-grandmother in her cloth bag; itís all that remains of her life. Itís chipped, scratched, monetarily worth nothing because of its condition; but when I hold it in my hands, I feel her spirit. A spirit that pushed her to venture forth into the unknown with only a small candy dish to console her on a journey full of promise, fear, and hope.

Rescue dogs are chipped, scratched, lead glass dishes on a journey full of promise, fear, and hope.

About Me

My goal: to create a story that speaks to the heart and spirit of my reader.  Iíve known great happiness and crushing grief. My mantra: Iím alive for a purpose, and it is well with my soul.*


Iíve been writing my entire life. Iíve written professional manuals, campaign literature, short stories, Christmas plays, and multiple seminars.Ü I live to read; I read newspapers that arrive in boxes of things Iíve ordered, instructions that came with appliances I long ago discarded, labels on items I have no intention of buying, stacks of books, and chalk writings on sidewalks. Before I was twelve, Iíd read every child and adolescent book in the local library. As a young adult, I read through entire sections in the university library. In airports Iíve thrown out clothes to keep books in an overweight suitcase.


Having never found my niche, I envy those who recognize their gifts early in life, pursue the appropriate education, and successfully capture their goals. Iíve wandered in and out of professions, gone back to school frequently, and grappled with finances as a business owner and single parent. I passed up opportunities to be happy to pursue dreams that dissolve like soap bubbles in the sunshine.


I write to entertain, share a bit of knowledge, connect with you as a friend, and encourage the love of books, dogs, and life. A wise Japanese woman said, ďIf you have the capability, you must meet the challenge.Ē For my children, Keiko, and all who have believed in me, I strive to meet the challenge of your expectations.


*read the heartbreaking story of Anna and Horatio Spafford


ÜProfessional seminars: Averting Leadership Crisis in Imaging Departments; A More Scientific Approach to Mammography QA/QC; Radiology as a Career; Diagnostic Positioning; The Tournament of Life and Death; ABC of QA/QC; Saving Lives One Mammogram at a Time; Your Mother, Your Sister, Yourself; and Last Inspector Standing.


Comments from seminar participants:

Iíve never enjoyed an educational program so much.

I laughed and learned.

Best presentation Iíve attended.

I hope to attend more presentations by Pamela.

Pertinent information I can use every day.

I finally understand the processor.

Inspections will be so easy after taking this education.

Iím a guy and not a mammographer and I learned a lot and enjoyed the humor of the presenter.